Make every day your best day!

So, here goes…my first blog post, sent out to the universe! Eeeek…

I wanted to dedicate my first post to YOU and helping you making your day to day lives a little more dreamier. So here are a few things I try to do every day:


Being grateful for something in your life every day can make such a big difference to your mindset, I always try and be thankful for the amazing things I am blessed with in my life but this year I decided to keep a daily Gratitude Journal where I note at least one thing that I am grateful for in the moment. You can do this morning or night, or whenever you have time to just sit and think for a moment about what you are thankful for today. These things don’t have to be something life altering but just the act of thinking about everything you receive is such a positive thing to do. Giving thanks will make you happier, less stressed and ready to take on the day!! So give it a go and let me know how you get on…



Let your body just go with the flow once a day. Get on your yoga mat, take 5 deep breaths then just listen to your body and let it move however the hell it wants. This is how I often try to approach my home practice, when I first started practicing yoga at home I was scared that I didn’t know what to do and didn’t know the ‘routines’, and although teachers often create sequences in a certain order to benefit the body your home practice is all about YOU and how you feel in the moment so you can really use this time to tune into your body and feel what it needs each day. Learning certain sequences such as Sun Salutations and the Ashtanga Primary Series is always helpful to get you started then you can do it your own way. So find time when you can practice with no distractions, morning is a great time to get your body warmed up and set your intentions for the day, but this is something I constantly  tell myself and then that snooze button wins, but by telling you to do it maybe i’ll start listening to myself. But whatever time of day you choose…hop on, breathe and get your groove on, you’ll feel so much better and your body will thank you!!


Every day, find at least 10 minutes just to switch off the endless to do lists scrolling through your mind and have some time to yourself in silence. Go for a walk on your lunch break or find time to meditate. Even if your only time for meditation is while you’re washing the dishes, do it mindfully and see what difference you see in yourself. Next time something challenging at work hits you, just be mindful and watch the positivity flowww!


Your phone, i-pad, whatever other gadgets you got going on…turn ’em all off 30 minutes to an hour before bed. I was the worst for getting into bed and scrolling for forever through Instagram or Facebook, for no reason, kinda like an addiction or a bad habit! Its January though guys so the perfect time to kick them habits and start fresh. Your mind needs a break from social media and the gazillion group chat notifications will still be there for you to answer in the morning. So give yourself chance to fully relax before getting that much needed beauty sleep. Have a cup of camomile tea or, my winter favourite, golden milk (recipe coming soon!), read a book, meditate if you choose (i love to meditate for 5/10 minutes laid in bed with my yoga bolster under my knees and some relaxing music on…usually with my headphones in to blank out the man watching TV next to me, he’s not taking my tips on board!!) and unwind naturally!

bed time tea.JPG

Well, there you have my tips for a healthy, mindful day. Give them a go, even just one at a time and see if they make a difference for you. Let me know what you think!

Namaste xx

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  1. Grace Blaki says:

    Yes! I love this post!

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