February, i’m ready for you!

Hey guys,

I know i’m 4 days late with this post which I’m blaming on being super busy with my holiday prep but I’m late for pretty much everything to be honest, you’ll get used to me!

Something I do at the beginning of each month (OK, sometimes mid-way through, but i try!) is to find some time to my-self to sit, reflect on the past month and set some bad ass intentions for the coming month. I follow this with a mantra to repeat to myself every day, something to live by every day.

Here, I want to do the same with you each month, so that we can inspire one another to actually stick to our intentions, and really believe in our mantras. And if you don’t stick to your goals every month don’t beat yourself up, if its still something that resonates with you just set it again the following month. Just the fact that you are thinking about doing something will make it stick in your mind and when you’re ready, you’ll do it!

So, lets do this…


  • ŸI started my blog, yay! And set up an Instagram page for Melons & Mantras, double yay!
  • ŸI booked myself onto not 1 but 2 courses to get my teeth into this year, time to study!!
  • ŸI can feel a huge improvement with my back, still some pain to break through yet but I know im heading in the right direction, positive thinking goes a LONG way!! (I’ll talk more on this in my next post)
  • ŸI did NOT meditate every day, tut tut!
  • ŸKind of did a juice diet, I managed 4 and a half days then the weekend got me with eating out. Yes I go away next week and yes I’ve put on half a stone since last September but am I happy? Yes! Am I obese? No! So, you all heard it first, I am giving myself a break from worrying about my bikini bod!

January is a tough month to crack, putting all that pressure on us to stick to new years resolutions, eat nothing and work out 10 times a day and to stay away from the booze for ‘Dry January’ (like that was going to happen!!) so February is all about giving yourself a break, tuning in to yourself and giving YOU some LOVE!!

Here are my Intentions:

  • Not to gloat or anything but I go away NEXT WEEK for 3 and 1/2 weeks to South East Asia (Thailand, Laos & Vietnam) so my main goal is to just enjoy myself and to make the most of every moment, to create fantastic memories and to just go with the flow, forget the plan, just BE FREE!!
  • Do a cooking course in in all three countries, Asian food is my all time favourite so ill hopefully be bringing back lots of mouth watering recipes and cooking inspiration.
  • Speak to people, learn from them and just be yourself.
  • Live in the NOW, this is my biggest down fall, allowing the past  to bring negativity to my present moment.
  • Meditate every day (worth a try)
  • Keep up a Yoga Practice while I’m away, that travel mat wants to see the sights too!
  • Be grateful and Be Kind
  • Blog more, keep posting on Instagram while away and save notes to post to blog when I’m back if no time to do while I’m there
  • Take lots of photos, not that I really need reminding to do this!
  • Practice self-love every day, tell yourself at least one thing you love about yourself every day. Followed by this months Mantra…










Repeat this mantra to yourself at least 5 times each day, preferably in the morning to take with you into your day. Write it in your journal, your phone notes or on a scrap of paper at the side of your bed, anywhere that you’ll see it! And most importantly, believe the words you speak!

Happy February. Live your life, your way!!

Let me know your monthly reflections or how you start each month. Any comments welcome xx

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