Hey guys,

SO sorry for my ridiculously long absence. Not a great way to start my blog by disappearing for so long but I’ve been in much need of a wind down. After my travels in Asia I was in full on holiday-mode and found it hard to focus on anything other than how much I want to live somewhere hot and dreamy! But, I’m feeling re-focused, re-energised and ready to get writing! I have been updating my instagram with travel snaps so make sure you have a peek and follow me for life updates & inspo (find me at melons_and_mantras)

So, APRIL!! We’re nearly halfway in to this glorious month that welcomes us into SPRING so I guess its about time we set some life changing intentions for the sunny months to come (I do realise I live in England but I’m using the power of creation to bring us some rays!)

Spring is the perfect time to take a step back, evaluate and set goals. The Spring Equinox was a couple of weeks ago and this is an opportunity for renewal and rebirth, for shedding the layers of old habits and making room for revived energy. This is the time for self-reflection and self-growth. Here’s what I’m doing to welcome the new season, just to give you a few ideas:


Seriously, now is the time to rid yourself of anything that is creating negativity in your life so here’s what I’m saying bye to:

  • Fear: Fear of health, of success, of the future. All of it, you do not need it. I’ve been really anxious recently about EVERYTHING! I’ve been overthinking and worrying and it gets you nowhere, trust me!
  • Insecurity: My body has taken a step backwards since I had a back injury last year but it’s time to accept myself as I am and be thankful
  • Clutter: Me and my friends did a car boot sale last week for our unwanted clothes and it felt SO good to get rid of things I do not need. I’ve been holding onto things thinking maybe one day I’ll wear it again but all it was doing is creating clutter so now is the time to make space for new beginnings. And new clothes!

Write down your goals, intentions, mantras and anything that helps you get down what it is you want to manifest. This is the time to dream BIG and get exited to watch these seeds of intention you’ve planted blossom and grow!!

Here are my intentions:

  • Meditate: I set this as an intention every month but I never do it enough!
  • ŸStress less, live more, love more! Focus on health and happiness and keep telling myself that what you think, you receive so stop with the worrying. Have faith and stay positive!
  • ŸWork with a Personal Trainer to adapt my exercise regime to help me heal and kick my ass back into shape! But also accept that my body isn’t where it was and be OK with that
  • ŸBe grateful for every day
  • ŸFind time to read
  • ŸMake time for people I love more, this is a big one and so so important!

Remember to check in with your intentions next month and don’t be afraid to change them as necessary, maybe your circumstances have changed or maybe you change your mind about what you want on a daily basis like me. That’s fine as long as you keep moving forward and accept the change.


Practice that self love guys! Make it a ritual to have some weekly me time.

  • Going to yoga class always makes me feel amazing, take a restorative/hatha class once a week to relax + unwind. More energizing class styles are great for a workout but sometimes your body needs to just be nurtured.
  • Book in for a massage and make this a monthly thing, surely you can sacrifice a new pair of shoes for something that makes you feel soooo good. I had a massage every day in Thailand and my body’s never felt so good but I realise its not quite as cheap or as easy as just walking in when you feel like it here.
  • Have a bath: pour in some dreamy oils, light some candles and switch off.
  • Go for a walk: just be outside breathing in the fresh air and having some time to yourself with no distractions (put your phone away, or better still, leave it at home) I find this is the best way to get connected to yourself, and to mother nature!

If you’ve been thinking of doing a detox or kick starting a healthy, clean eating ritual then now is the time. Throw out any nasties in your cupboard, any processed junk in your fridge and start eating for your health NOW. There’s no time like the present and summer is only a season away.

So get out your dusters, have a spring clean and start a fresh!

I’d love to know how you get on, what your intentions are, if you found this helpful or if you have an entirely different way of setting intentions so please get in touch!

Happy cleaning! X

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