I have been a member of a fair few gyms in my life but can probably count on my fingers how many times I’ve actually been and done any exercise. I get the idea in my head that I’m going to join up, make it part of my routine and stick to it but I never do because I’m not actually a huge gym fan. I don’t like the pressure of being surrounded by pros making it all look so easy while I’m panting and trying to walk whilst disguising that my legs have gone to jelly after just 15 mins on the treadmill. I’m definitely more of a yoga and long walks outdoors kinda gal BUT…my back doesn’t seem to be improving since my accident and I feel like my muscles are just deteriorating which cant be helping anything SO I decided to get a Personal Trainer who knows what they’re doing (hopefully more than me at least) and can work on an exercise plan to strengthen and support the muscles around my back and speed up recovery and as an added bonus I wouldn’t mind toning everything back up as everything seems to have gone a little ‘soft’ since not practicing as much Ashtanga and Hot Yoga and sticking to more Restorative Yoga styles which is amazing for mindfulness and stretching the body but doesn’t massively help with the wobble!! I’ve never really done much cardio apart from walking so it would be great to generally build on my fitness levels, not having a fire in my chest after a quick sprint would be rather amazing!!

How did it go? I actually enjoyed it, it was good to have someone to talk about my goals with and to check i’m doing things right and not doing any more damage to my back which is SO important. So many people make existing injuries worse or cause new injuries by doing exercise wrong, particularly in yoga it’s so important to have your alignment spot on. Am I going to stick with it? YES. Ask me again in a few weeks and we’ll see but i’m staying optimistic about being a gym gal for now.

So how does this effect you? I’ve got my next PT session next week so once I have a programme in place I’m going to keep you all updated with workouts and advice passed onto me so you guys can share this new journey with me!

I’d love to know your thoughts on gym life, your personal exercise routines or if any of you have an injury you’re living with and what you’ve found helps.

C.  x


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