Breathe. Walk. Meditate

“The quieter you become the more you can hear.”

To start, put on some comfy shoes, make sure you have a good on-off layering system in place (always be prepared for the english weather!), grab a bottle of water, possibly a snack, and hit the paths…

While walking, pay attention to your feet. Feel the roll of your feet on the ground. Feel your heel touch the ground, your foot flat on the floor, your toes pointing back upwards. Observe the sensations in your feet, your legs, your knees. Observe any feelings of tightness or fatigue and breathe into these areas without judgement.

If your mind starts to wander, bring your focus back to your feet, back to the breath. Counting your breaths or your steps can help but don’t get frustrated if your mind takes you somewhere else just realise when this is happening and return it back to the present moment.

Take in the beauty around you, be thankful for this moment and allow yourself to smile! Taking this time for yourself to just breathe and switch off the constant to-do lists whirring through your mind is so refreshing and has a really positive impact on your week!

Happy stomping!! xx

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